Big Bada Boom

# Explain it like I'm 5!
Big Bada Boom comics is a place to create and participate in collaborative comics. Multiple users contribute to the same comic (for example by drawing one panel each) and this creates the final masterpiece!

A comic may have a theme to respect, or some creative rules to follow.

You really do not need to be a professional artist to participate! Sometimes, even stick figures are enough to have a lot of fun!
# How does it work?
  1. First, you can join some open comics which have already been started and that are open to anybody to contribute. You can also start a new comic by yourself!
  2. The drawing period is when the panel of a comic is being created and is under construction. You can click on such panel to reach its drawing page. This page provides tools allowing you to draw and save your creation. When you are happy with your drawing, you submit it. The drawing then becomes visible to others, it becomes an official submission for the panel being created.
  3. When the drawing period is over for the panel, one of the submitted drawings must win! For an open comic, the voting period then starts. When the voting period is over, the drawing with the most votes is declared the winner and becomes part of the comic.
  4. When the very last panel of a comic is done, the comic is completed!
  5. Note that, during all those steps, you can comment about the comic or about a specific drawing, directly below the comic.
# How are actually made the drawings?
Big Bada Boom provides online tools to draw. You simply click on a panel you want to draw for and it leads you to its drawing page. On that page, there is a white canvas on which you can draw using your mouse and to which you can add text and widgets.

Note that Big Bada Boom is best viewed and is easier to use on a big screen! Everything should be working on mobile phones, but drawing is easier when the screen is bigger.
# Who will participate in the comics I start?
There are multiple options regarding the privacy of the comics you start. You can create a comic as being open to all, in which case anybody will be able to submit drawings to it. But you can also create it as closed in which case only friends or members you explicitly invite to the comic will be able to participate. Have a look at the privacy options section for more information!
# Creating an account

To create your account, simply fill the section create a new account. You will receive an email to confirm your registration. Make sure you check your spam folder if you don't receive the email after a short while!

Once your account is created, you will see a new "account" link in the top menu of the website. You can click it to complete your profile, for example by adding an avatar!

# Anonymous users vs. registered users
It is possible to participate on Big Bada Boom comics without creating an account. You then act as an anonymous user. There are limitations to what an anonymous user can do, though. We suggest you register as it offers those benefits:
  • An anonymous user may loose his unsubmitted drawings if his browsing session expires!
  • An anonymous user cannot post comments.
  • Only a registered user can bookmark comics, drawings and other users.
  • Only a registered user has access to the full listing of the comics he participated in and of the drawings he made.
  • A registered user has more options available when starting a new comic. He also gains some moderation rights on it. Anonymous users do not have any moderation rights.
  • A registered user will always be credited for the drawings he has made.
# Open comics vs. closed comics

Depending on the privacy option chosen, a comic may be called an "open comic" (everybody can participate) or a "closed comic" (only the invited members can participate).

A difference between those two kinds of comics is how the panels are created and drawings chosen:

  • For an open comic, each panel, one by one, goes into a drawing period, during which everyone can submit their drawing. At the end of that period, the winning drawing is chosen. Again depending on an option chosen during the creation of the comic, this winning drawing may be chosen by the initiator of the comic, or during a voting period. When a voting period is used, the winning drawing is the one with the most votes at the end of the period.
  • For a closed comic, each panel must be done by the invited members, in turn. The user who is going to draw the next panel is randomly chosen. But, in general, the chosen drawer of a panel will not be the same as the one who drew the previous one! For a closed comic, there is no voting period. Submitted drawings automatically become part of the comic.

# How do I start a new comic?
Go to the "Start a comic" page, fill the information, choose the options for the comic and submit. Then, you will have to draw the very first panel! The created comic will only be visible to others once the first panel has been drawn.
# The Initiator
As the creator of a comic, you are the initiator! If you are not logged in on Big Bada Boom, you will be considered as an anonymous initiator and you will not get access to all the options during the creation of the comic. Read the "Anonymous users vs. registered users" section for more information about being registered vs. being anonymous.
# Privacy options
The "privacy" option allows you to choose who will be able to see and who will be able to participate in your comic:
  • Open to all: anybody will be able to see and submit drawings on your comic, even anonymous users. The fun thing about this option is that your comic may attract more participation! The downside is that moderation is harder: since anonymous users are allowed, you cannot simply ban users who may spam your comic... Notice that you will still be able to remove their submitted drawings though!
  • Open to all members (no anonymous users): Anybody will be able to see your comic, but only registered users will be able to submit drawings to it. This is a good option if you want to create a public comic, but want to do minimal moderation.
  • Publicly visible, but only invited members can participate: Anybody will be able to see your comic, but only explicitly invited members will be able to submit drawings. When you choose this option, you have to specify the members to invite.
  • Unlisted, anyone with the secret URL can participate: The created comic will not be part of any Big Bada Boom listings, but anybody with the secret URL will be able to see and participate in it. This is an interesting option when you want to invite some friends to participate in a semi-private comic on Big Bada Boom, even if they do not have an account yet. You will have to send them the provided secret URL by yourself, using email or SMS!
  • Strictly private to invited members: This is the option to choose to create a truly private comic: only you and the members you explicitly invite will be able to see it and participate in it. It will not be visible to others! When you choose this option, you have to specify the members to invite.
# The number of panels
The number of panels your comic will have. If you choose a privacy option where only invited members can participate (a closed comic), then this will be the number of panels to draw by each invited member.

If your comic is an open one, it will be the total number of panels on the comic!
# The time allowed to draw
This option determines how long the "drawing period" for a panel in creation is. If the comic is open, it will be the amount of time during which any users can submit their drawing before a winning one is picked.

If the comic is a closed one, then it is the time the next invited member has to submit his drawing for the panel in creation.
# Winning drawing
This option let you decide how a drawing will be declared the winner for the panel in creation, on an open comic:
  • By public vote: When the drawing period is over for the panel in creation, a voting period will start. Everyone can cast their vote, and the winning drawing will be the one with the most votes at the end of that period. In case of equality, a random comic will be chosen between the ones with the most votes.
  • You choose: When the drawing period is over for the panel in creation, you, the initiator of the comic, will choose the winning drawing.
# The time allowed to vote
How long should last the voting period of a panel in creation, before the votes are compiled and the winning drawing is announced?
# Adult content

Is adult or mature content (sex/violence/etc.) allowed on the comic you are creating? A comic flagged as "allowing adult content" will not be displayed to users before they actually confirm that they are adults and that they accept to see such kind of content.

Note that you have to select this option if you are planning on accepting adult content on your comic! Otherwise, the comic will be deleted.

# Comments
For a comic that is publicly visible, but in which only invited members can participate, this option let you decide if anyone can post comments on the comic or only the invited members.
# What are the moderation features available?
  • You can ban a user, using the dedicated link on his profile. A banned user will not be able to:
    • Participate in your comics
    • Send you a private message
    • Invite you to his own comics
  • When you are the initiator of a comic, you can also:
    • Cancel that comic. The drawings already done for the comic will not be deleted, but they will only be visible to their authors. The comic will not be available to anyone.
    • Unpublish a drawing. An unpublished drawing will still be available, but only to its author. The drawing will not appear in the comic anymore. Note that if a drawing has been chosen for a panel (automatically, manually or by votes), it cannot be unpublished anymore.
    • Delete inappropriate comments.
  • A "Messages preferences" option in your account allows you to decide who can send you a private message: anyone or only the members you bookmarked. Note that when you send a private message to a user, this user is automatically added to your bookmarks... That way, the user will be able to respond to you, whatever the option you chose in this section.
  • There is a "report" link on comics, drawings and users pages.
  • You can always send us a message, using the contact form directly.
# What if an invited member does not draw his panel in time?
During the creation of a closed comic, it is possible that the member who is supposed to draw the current panel does not do it in time. In that situation, the initiator of the comic will be prompted to choose a new drawer amongst the invited members (he can choose himself too).
# What if the panel of an open comic does not get any submissions?
In the case of an open comic, if there are no submissions during the drawing period:
  • If the initiator of the comic is a registered user, he has to draw the panel by himself.
  • If the initiator of the comic is anonymous, the next drawing to be submitted for the panel, by anyone, automatically wins.
# What if there is only one submission for the panel of an open comic?
If there is only one drawing submitted, this drawing is automatically declared the winner at the end of the drawing period... There is no voting period required!