Big Bada Boom

by: comicool
drawing period 2019-02-10 - 01:50:19 (5 years ago)
by: fugubou
drawing period 2019-02-10 - 00:55:19 (5 years ago)
by: Yoshius
drawing period 2019-02-07 - 22:15:19 (5 years ago)
by: Héraclite
drawing period 2019-02-07 - 17:59:19 (5 years ago)
by: OgreGras
drawing period 2019-02-06 - 20:12:19 (5 years ago)
by: julien
drawing period 2019-02-05 - 17:43:19 (5 years ago)
by: bigjee
completed 2019-02-04 - 00:32:19 (5 years ago)
by: MArt
drawing period 2019-02-03 - 02:44:19 (5 years ago)
by: bigjee
drawing period 2019-02-02 - 10:10:40 (5 years ago)
by: electrotype
2019-01-28 - 23:42:17 (5 years ago)
Big Bada Boom comics is a place to create and participate in collaborative comics, where multiple users draw together.
What's new?
  • 2019-01-19 (6 years ago)
    You want to cheat a little bit?

    Here's a way to add some pre-drawn symbols to your drawings:

    Add a text widget and copy/paste a character from places such as:

    Note that we will never allow users to upload and use a truly custom picture, since we want the drawings to be made by hand as much as possible...

    But a little bit of cheating is not too bad!

  • 2019-01-13 (6 years ago)
    We are live!

    Big Bada Boom comics is officially launched!

    There is a lot of in this project: we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

    The project is still young, improvements will be made over time. Please, let us know if you find a problem or if you have any suggestion.

    Since Big Bada Boom comics is based on drawings, it is best viewed on a big screen. But it should still work fine on a mobile phone...

    Have fun!


Feel free to contact us if you have a suggestion or an idea to improve the site.